Monday, 25 March 2013


The Lockness monster was is a myth in Scotland. Growing up in a scottish house hold I was very familiar with the story. I decided for my next post I wanted to make a album cover for a scottish band and involve the Lockness monster in my cover.

My first step was to make some thumbnails and decide on the best one.

I saw something similar when researching online but decided not to use this thumbnail.

I liked the idea of a photograph because the photographic evidence is a big part of the legend.

My next step was to create the poloriod picture frame. I found this on google and used it as a reference.

I then went into Illustrator and began to make the frames.

After that was done I added some dirt in photoshop using some brushes.

Now that the frames are complete I began to work on the picture. I used this picture as a reference.

I started in photoshop by making the water. Many layers later this is what I came up with.

I added the sky and hill in the same way I did the water.

After I did the Background I began to work on the monster. I drew out what i wanted first.

I then took the image into illustrator and made a vector image of it.

In Photoshop I then added the monster in the picture and fixed it to work together and added some lightning and fog.

I then placed all the elements together and added text.

This is what I came up with.

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